Welcome to Fighting For Dawn!

Dawn is the face of animal abuse and neglect. She was found in a parking lot in East Atlanta. She is proof that they won't "be alright" when you dump them.

Our Mission Statement

Fighting for Dawn will help the broken, both in body and spirit. We will rescue the broken, mangy, senior and neglected animals who are victim to poor circumstances.  Our goal is to help animals who have never felt love, see just how wonderful life can be for them. We will work to educate owners to be the best that they can be by helping them understand the importance of spaying, neutering, vaccinating and providing proper heartworm and flea and tick prevention.  

As a 501(c)3, Fighting For Dawn will always be an advocate of the thousands of homeless animals that end up in shelters around the Metro Atlanta area with the support of our loyal Loves who so generously give their love and support whenever it is needed.